Basketball Camp


Free Basketball Skills Camp for local youths held at Westmoor High School

Daly City, California (April 15, 2013).  On Saturday, April 6, 2013, the Daly City Police Athletic League held its 1st Annual Basketball Skills Camp at Westmoor High School free of charge for Boys and Girls in the 5th, 6th, and 7th Grades.  The camp was coordinated by Daly Police Lieutenent Julian Agustin.  The Daly City Police Athletic League was the host organization, but it was a collaborative effort involving Westmoor High School, the Daly City Police Department, the Daly City Police Officers Association, and members of the community.

It was a foggy and windy day in Daly City.  It’s the type of weather the locals are accustomed to in the spring, but it’s not dreary at Westmoor High School.  As you walk into the courtyard you can hear balls bouncing, shoes squeaking, and whistles blowing.  Walk into the gymnasium and you can see it is filled with kids.  It looks like chaos, but as you look closer, you see its organized chaos.  At one basket you see kids dribbling basketballs, at another basket you see kids passing basketballs back and forth, and at another basket you see kids running lay ups.  Every basket, and just about square inch in the gym, is being used.

 According to Lt. Julian Agustin, project coordinator for the event, “It’s for the kids.”  Julian is no stranger to this saying.  He has been a part of the Daly City Police Athletic League for over eighteen years, and is their Treasurer and Coordinator for their Annual Golf Fundraiser held at the world renowned Olympic Club.  This day is different, however, because this time it’s also with the kids.  Julian said “usually we raise money to help fund organized youth sports and educational scholarships, but this time we are on the ground level with local youth teaching them teamwork, enhancing their skills, promoting fitness, and allowing police officers to interact with the kids in a positive environment.”  Julian also added “Of course this would not have been made possible without the help of our partners: Westmoor High School, the Daly City Police Department, the Daly City Police Officers Association, and coaches from the community.”

 The Basketball Skills Camp was offered free of charge to boys and girls in the 5th, 6th, and 7th Grades.   In all, 44 boys and girls were at the camp where they were given jerseys and divided into teams with police officers as their coaches.  They were rotated through six skills stations where they learned ball handling drills, zone defense and man-to-man defense, free throws and rebounding, passing, lay ups, and rebounding and kick-out drills.  After the skills training, the kids were treated to pizza and snacks.  The day ended with full court games complete with referees.

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